Get a job! Or maybe just create one.

Almost every week I counsel with college students nearing graduation, who are working with their career services department to clean up their resumes, schedule interviews and begin the formal job search process. Let’s face it – it’s a cruel world out there, with millions of people at all ends of the education and experience spectrum competing for a limited number of openings.

Some students leave school having considered and possibly even developed a business idea they are passionate about. Sometimes they say things like “If I only had the money…” or “Someday I’d really love to have my own company.” So why don’t they? For some, it’s the risk. For most, it’s the seemingly insurmountable obstacle of coming up with the money necessary to get a new venture going.

My advice? If you are fortunate enough to have or land a “day job”, whatever you do, don’t quit it! But many budding entrepreneurs are able to tap family and friends, sell a few things on Craig’s List or eBay and scrape together enough seed money to begin a side business that just might grow to something more substantial over time.

A few warnings: don’t let the new venture adversely impact your performance in your current job – people get fired for that. Don’t allow yourself to become over-extended time-wise such that you are burning the candle at both ends and exhaust yourself both physically and mentally.  There’s nothing worse than a entrepreneur who drops dead just before a huge success!

So get out there and find a job… or maybe create your own.

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