Become a Young Millionaire!

I spend a lot of time on this blog offering advice on debt reduction and the need to get started investing your money early so that you can begin to harness the awesome power of the time value of money.

So today, let me focus instead on what can happen when you have taken that advice to heart, have a plan for both debt reduction and investment, and can now focus on how to take your ideas and business concepts and monetize them. By that, of course, I mean one thing – making money!

As I discussed in a previous post, entrepreneurs have a variety of unique qualities, and clearly one of them is taking both risk and action – moving their idea(s) ahead, bootstrapping the initial funding requirements – making it happen!

Well guess what? Sometimes it works! Sometimes it is absolutely awesome. Check out the following article from Forbes on Yahoo Finance about young entrepreneurs who have become millionaires in their early twenties.

Ask yourself: why not? This could be you! Young Millionaires

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  1. Saede Nyack says:

    I was reading about the articles on the Young Millionaires link and this kind of stuff intrigues me. I have just opened my own site and have many ideas in creation for many other business endeavors. If there is any advice you can give a start up business let me know.

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